A blogger over at the Star Ledger/NJ.com, tells us about the important news that Another Nobel Prize-winning physicist protests global warming alarmism | NJ.com.

It is certainly very significant and well worth noting that in the last two years that .004% (lets not forget Dr. Harold Lewis who I mentioned in a post here the other day) of its approximately 48,000 members have resigned from the organization over it’s publicity stated position regarding global warming. Four one thousandths of a percent! Support for anthropogenic global warming amongst physicists is just crumbling all around us as we speak.

Mr. Mulshine see this as just more evidence that the support for the consensus opinon that global warming is antropogenic in origin is nothing but idological religious devotion.

Religion is faith and belief in a doctrine or cause in lieu of any real  evidence. There are multiple lines of evidence regarding global warming and its anthropogenic origins so I would argue that if you polled the 47,998 physicists who remain members of the APS they would describe global warming denial as a religion and a dangerous one at that. I would add that it is a politically motivated religion as well.


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