I’m not even sure I understand exactly what qualifies someone as an “elite” so searching around late last night I stubled on this debate and while it’s an interesting discussion I am still not sure I understand (or may accept the use of) this so-called “elite” label. Even though the question was asked at 1:06:06 by an audience member “My question is basically, could you please define for me who you think the elite are?” I still don’t get or agree with the definitions. Perhaps its time for me to breakdown and finally pickup and read Chris Hayes’  Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy.

Blame the Elites for the Trump Phenomenon

Does support for Trump reflect an uninformed populism and misplaced anger by a large swath of the American electorate? Or have the elites failed to empathize with their struggles, and failed to craft effective policies to help them cope?

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