I’m just so angry and fed up that I had wanted to write something regarding what the demagogue Bill O’Reilly had to say regarding the Massacre at Malmedy and the Haditha Investigation in his programed debate with general Wesley Clark but there are so many others who have written about it far better than I ever could.

For a short quick overview of the truth of what took place at Malmedy click for the Wikipedia entry on Malmedy (and as I’ve just discovered it seems the Bill O’Reilly-Malmedy Massacre issue has made it into the Wikipedia O’Reilly entry too.)

Bill O’Reilly is the very worst kind of demagogue and despite his marketing claims to the contrary is the #1 merchant of spin, deciet, and manipulation and needs to be exposed for what he is at every opportunity. This is not to say that there aren’t intelligent and serious voices on the conservative right that we need to listen to and work with with but Bill O’Reilly is very certainly not one of them.

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