Wow! Only just the other day we learned about how Bill O’Reilly dug himself a deep deep hole and then jumped into it when he made his now infamous proclamation that "tide goes in, tide goes out, never a miscommunication." and that is his proof that there is a God and he has dug himself another deeper one and jumped into this one head first.

For those that missed his jumping in that first hole lets look at Stephen Colbert’s take on that:

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If that humiliation wasn’t enough Bill O’Reilly wanting to remove all and any doubts we may have that he’s a pompous irrational gas bag he then digs himself a deeper and wider hole and dives in head first when he publishes this little video on his YouTube channel:

O’Reilly reads a letter from a viewer and responds:

David Bevely Hills, Florida

"What do you mean when you refer to the tides when you are asked about the existence of God? Science explains the tides… the moon’s gravity pull on the oceans. "

Okay How did the moon get there?

How did the moon get there?

Look you pinheads who attack me for this, you guys are just desperate.

How did the moon get there?

How did the sun get there?

How’d it get there?

Can you explain that to me?

How come we have that and Mars doesn’t have that? Venus doesn’t have that. How come? Why not?

How’d it get here?

How did that little amoeba get here? Crawl out there? How’d it do it?

Come on.

You have order in this universe. You have an order in the universe.

Tide comes in, tide goes out.

Okay yeah, the moon does it, fine. How did the moon get there? Who put it there? Did it just happen?

Okay if we have existence if we have life on earth how come they don’t have it on the other planets?

We’re we just lucky? Some meteor just do this? Come on…

You know I see this stuff as desperate as I have said many times it takes more faith to not believe and to this that this was all luck. All this human body the intricacies of it and everything else all luck that it does to believe in the (a) deity.

There ya go."

If that isn’t laughable enough as the video segment closes out you get a still screen that reads:

Yeah,… if you want more of this anti science creationist idiocy you can pay for it.

One of my favorite science writers and popularizers (a la the late Carl Sagan) is Phil Plait who write the Bad Astronomy blog for Discover and he’s written a great take down of this Bill O’Reilly nonsense called Bill O’Reilly: tidal bore that I can highly recommend and read the comments there too. They’re a hoot.

But its a bit ironic but just before I discovered this most recent bit of Bill O’Reilly blather I watched this great little video from AntiCitzenX called The Black Box of Empirical Falsification that O’Reilly really needs to watch.

In his accompanying video notes AntiCitzenX writes:

"A nice metaphor for how empiricism and falsification work to build knowledge. It is also a nice explanation of the fundamental reasons why William Lane Craig is an idiot.

I may not be a professional philosopher, but I am a professional scientist. I do not claim that this metaphor is perfect, but it does illustrate the problem of claiming certainty about things you cannot even subject to testing."

He could have just as easily have written "It is also a nice explanation of the fundamental reasons why Bill O’Reilly is an idiot"

Bill O’Reilly is 1000% cocksure he knows exactly what the content of the box in the video is.

And just for fun if you haven’t seen enough of Bill O’Reilly taking like an idiot be sure to watch: O’Reilly on Hawking too.

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