Given my positions on climate science it should be obvious I am not a fan of the Koch brothers but in the last two years I have found they are a lot more complicated that I had ever realized before, Charles Koch in particular. First with the Sixty Minutes interview in 2015 and then this Washington Post article this evening.

‘I don’t like the idea of capitalism’: Charles Koch, unfiltered

Billionaire businessman, philanthropist and political donor Charles Koch grabbed headlines this weekend for focusing a semiannual gathering of wealthy conservatives on a surprising topic: income inequality. It is a topic that has loomed increasingly large in Koch’s mind recently and one that he expounded on in the spring in an interview with The Washington Post’s Jim Tankersley.

Athen there of course was this astonishing revelation…

Charles Koch Says He Could Possibly Support Hillary Clinton

Charles G. Koch, the billionaire industrialist, suggested in an interview Sunday that he was open to supporting Hillary Clinton for president and said it was possible she would make a better president than her Republican rivals.

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