“This U.S. election, unlike any since the Second World War, is white knuckle time for the rest of the world. Foreign governments don’t want to interfere in your democracy, so they can’t say what they really think about Trump. But we can. We’re terrified.


We can’t believe that given a choice between one mildly flawed candidate and another peddling an explosive combo of bad ideas, no ideas and zero self-control, you’re having trouble choosing.


Nobody has to make you “Great Again.” You’re already great. You’re already the indispensable nation at the centre of the international system. The Europeans can’t replace you, and while Moscow and Beijing would like to, no one on the side of freedom and democracy wants that. We don’t have an entire Justice League of superpowers to choose from. You’re it.


That’s why a Trump presidency sets alarm bells ringing. The international system can survive all sorts of minor countries going off the rails. But if Mr. Trump moves into the White House, America’s allies will neither shrug nor laugh.


Above all, Mr. Trump is an authoritarian. He’s not much interested in ideas or rules, and that includes the U.S. Constitution, the most cerebral of government documents. His values and impulses are not those of the America – the great American – the world knows and needs.


And yet Mr. Trump trails Ms. Clinton by only the slimmest of margins. He’s got the wind in his sails. America is this close to electing President Trump.


Someone once said that America can always be relied upon to do the right thing – having first exhausted all other alternatives. America, it’s less than a week to voting day. Your alternatives are now exhausted.”

Dear America: Please don’t vote for Donald Trump

Dear United States of America, At first, we thought the Trump thing was just a phase you were going through. Your endless election cycle, with infinite ink to be spilled and pixels to be filled, means that every candidate gets his 15 minutes. So you gave Donald Trump 15 minutes.

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