A really smart young journalist Nathan J. Robinson (@NathanJRobinson), a columnist for The Guardian US, and Editor-in-Chief of Current Affairs magazine, wrote a book entitled Why You Should Be a Socialist that was published back on  December 10th, 2019.

More recently he tweeted:

A reader asked me to review @RandPaul‘s “Case Against Socialism,” goading me by saying that if I couldn’t respond, it must be because Paul’s arguments are so powerful. So here’s a full deconstruction, going through every one of its 5 parts and 39 chapters.

For your pleasure…

Does “The Case Against Socialism” Hold Up? ❧ Current Affairs

As the author of a recently-published book called Why You Should Be A Socialist , I was pleased to receive a copy of Rand Paul’s The Case Against Socialism. In my book, I claim that most critiques of the left fail miserably and I imply that the phrase “conservative intellectual” should be treated as oxymoronic.


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