The self proclaimed management genius Donald Trump is showing us all what he”ll do if he ever was to obtain the presidency. He’ll just keep on replacing staff and cabinet positions until he gets something that works.  Matthew Yglesias wrote today on essentially the same topic…

…thinking back to a year ago you might have thought an outsider Trump campaign would feature an all-star group of business leaders promising to put their heads together to fix what’s ailing America. Tom Barrack and Peter Thiel in roles more substantive than convention speaker. Turnaround artists Carl Icahn and Sam Zell. Brash outsider Mark Cuban. Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina from the technology world. It might have been a total disaster, but it would have been something. But instead of a business all-star team, Trump is giving us retreats from far-right media.

It all comes as a reminder of a fundamental truth of this campaign: Trump isn’t really a businessman in the conventional sense anymore, and hasn’t been for some time. He’s a television star.

Donald Trump’s latest pivot is a reminder that he’s a media celebrity, not a businessman

With his campaign in crisis, Donald Trump has decided to shake things up. And while Republican Party elected officials had been hoping for a shake-up, they’re not going to get the one they wanted.

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