Back right after Obama was elected I took a look at 9/12 TeaBaggers and along that same kind of perspective here is a look at Trump on the campaign trail and his supporters. I’m not saying that all Trump supporters are a ““Basket of deplorables”  but these people in my mind justify the comment. I give you via TYT’s Jordan Chariton ( @JordanChariton ) and Eric Byler ( @EricByler ), Donald Trump’s America…

TYT Reporter Eric Byler ( @EricByler ) spoke to a Trump supporter of Italian ancestry about GOP nominee Donald Trump’s attempt to appeal to African Americans, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and Rudy Giuliani’s infamous and unconstitutional “stop and frisk” policy.

Byler, who is of mixed heritage (hapa, which means half Asian), offered an analogy by citing the stereotype that Italian Americans are involved in organized crime as a way of trying to get the man to relate to other communities who resist being racially profiled, disparaged, or otherwise discriminated against.

Law enforcement officials say that racial profiling and other police misconduct empowers gangs (organized crime) by causing minority communities to lose trust in law enforcement. In communities that are poorly or unfairly policed, crimes are less likely to be reported and witnesses are less likely to come forward. Also, when there are disputes, people go to gang leaders rather than to the authorities. The irony is that, to the degree that there is truth behind stereotypes about minority communities and crime, often, it is the stereotypes that lead to bad policies and police misconduct, which in turn leads to rising levels of crime.

Did the Italian American Trump supporter get it by the end? You’ll need to watch to find out!

TYT Reporter Jordan Chariton spoke to two women we noticed at a weekday afternoon stump speech for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

One woman wore a Trump sticker while the other woman chose to wear a flippant 2nd Amendment button that said, “Girls Just Want to Have Guns” instead.

The caucasian woman ended up doing most of the talking, as you see, and, mentioned other Amendments that are art of the Bill of Rights and have lasted for 229 years, but, she has been told, would not survive a Hillary Clinton presidency. Those amendments are The 1st Amendment (freedom of speech, religion, and the press) and the 4th Amendment (protection against unreasonable searches and seizures by authorities).

Ironically, the Trump campaign has advocated for resuming the “Stop and Frisk” policy which illegally and unconstitutionally targeted African American men and Latino men, and, the very next day in Novi, Michigan, Mr. Trump advocated that we become “One people, under one god.”

TYT Reporter Jordan Chariton ( ) spoke to Alan John, a Trump supporter who had traveled from Massachusetts to see the GOP Presidential nominee speak in Bedford, NH. A few seconds into Jordan’s first question, John interrupted him with, “You’re boring me already,” and it went down hill from there.

Published on Oct 4, 2016

After three days traveling with the Trump campaign, TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( was feeling a little faint due to heat and hot air exhaustion. The candidate was more than 90 minutes late due to inclement weather, leaving a crowed of 3,000 people to wander and simmer at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Mannheim, PA. Chariton conducted several interviews and gradually became persuaded that Donald Trump’s view of the world is the only correct one — TYT’s Eric Byler ( was there to capture the VERY MOMENT that Chariton morphed into a right-wing journalist!

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