A lifelong friend of mine going back to my childhood C.R. wrote with respect to Trump Supporters:

I have come to believe it is more of a tribal thing. Sort of like Yankees vs. Red Sox. If you are a Yankee fan, Roger Clemens was a jerk until he signed with the Yankees. That is the only way I can rationalize why some otherwise smart and kind people I know can support morally corrupt politicians hell bent on making the oligarchs richer and screwing the middle class and poor.

I couldn’t agree more (although I also think it somewhat true to a degree on the left too).

Donald Trump’s Base Is Shrinking

A widely held tenet of the current conventional wisdom is that while President Trump might not be popular overall, he has a high floor on his support. Trump’s sizable and enthusiastic base – perhaps 35 to 40 percent of the country – won’t abandon him any time soon, the theory goes, and they don’t necessarily care about some of the controversies that the “mainstream media” treats as game-changing developments.

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