So I was speaking with an acquaintance/friend and she made some pretty sensational wild recommendations to me about my health and I ask her: “Says who?… Where id you learn that?”

So be a natuaral skeptic as soon as the conversation was over I went and googled “Dr. Joe Dispenza skeptical” and discovered this:

“…Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings: according to him, we can heal anything with the placebo effect (even fractured cervicals and cancer, and really anything as long as you really want it), and we can create our own reality with our mind.”


What does it mean to be “Not Even Wrong“? It describes an argument or explanation that purports to be scientific but uses faulty reasoning or speculative premises, which can be neither affirmed nor denied and thus cannot be discussed rigorously and scientifically.

The rise of fake scientists

Yesterday at lunch time, while I was sipping tea and casually going through Instagram stories to see what my friends were up to (not the best kind of work break, but we are human after all), I was shown an advert for a website I had never heard about before.

Ask the Skepdoc: Pancreas miracle and Dispenza’s thought healing

The JREF is pleased to bring you Dr. Harriet Hall to answer your health-related questions about alternative treatments, questionable claims and science-based medical information. This edition: A seemingly miraculous healing of a pancreas injury and the self-healing claim of Joe Dispenza. By Harriet Hall, MD Question: My mother claims she experienced a miracle 25 years ago.

Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Being Misled | Skeptical Inquirer

“Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense.”-Carl Sagan I began reading Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza with an open mind. But I’m afraid that the more I read, the more critical I became of his references, inter …

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