Ed Brayton who writes the blog Dispatches From The Culture Wars has this thing he does there where he often cites the Dumbass Quote of the Day (it goes without saying what that one is all about) and/or the Badass Quote of the Day.

Today I give my RTOL Badass Quote of the Day to Ed Brayton for this in his post God Ends Relationship with Rick Perry about the Onions take on the Texas Govenor’s conversations with God (the emphasis is mine):

"I’ve always found it interesting the people who have voices in their heads are always being told by those voices to do terrible things like kill people. Why don’t people have voices in their head telling them to volunteer at a homeless shelter or something? In that same manner, people who think they talk to God almost invariably think God tells them all the things they want to be true. Like all those political candidates who think — or at least say — that God has called them to enter the race. How come God never tells them they’re gonna get beaten like a drum if they run? The Onion apparently has the answer."

Nicely put Ed. And a hat tip to you for drawing my attention tothe Onion’s great piece: God Urges Rick Perry Not To Run For President

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