I have been listening to talks by Mark Blyth ( Wikipedia) all this weekend and he is changing my mind about a lot of things. I find myself thinking NeoLiberalism is more and more dangerous and destructive than I had ever thought before.

Mark Blyth is a professor of Political Economy at Brown University. His research sheds light on phenomena including wealth inequality, generational difference in political economics, austerity, and neoliberalism.

Since reading his comprehensive book “Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea” we had been wanting to chat with Mark Blyth about how we arrived at our current political and economic moment, and what lies ahead.

Mark spoke to us about several issues close to our hearts like neoliberalism versus populism, the decline of centrist politics, tax policy, unions, health care, and why it’s important not to downplay the economic component of some voters’ anti-immigration attitudes, or else the right will continue to sway such voters.

Given that we are based in the decreasingly populated, post-industrial, and opioid ravaged Broome County, NY, these issues are personal for us, so we’re more than happy that Mark was willing to unpack the relevant structural considerations for us.

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