We probably all know of and know some of the deplorables that video journalist Jordan Klepper exposes on The Daily Show and on YouTube (Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters | The Daily Show – YouTube). We know there is zero chance of that the cohort of “Deplorable” Americans ever voting for anyone other than Trump or some member of the Trump family.

But there is another whole cohort of high intelligence, super-affluent Republicans that stand by and support Trump.

Journalist Evan Osnos discusses his recent New Yorker article: How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump.

President Trump faces a tough re-election campaign ahead, as the once buoyant economy deflates into recession. How will this affect his chances in November? In his recent article for The New Yorker titled “How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump,” Evan Osnos says one answer lies in what he calls a “persistent mystery” at the ballot box. For his latest piece, he returns to his childhood home of Greenwich, Connecticut to explore how Republican voters there came to support the president–as he explains to Michel Martin.

Originally aired on May 7, 2020.

How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump | The New Yorker

How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump

To understand the President’s path to the 2020 election, look at what he has provided the country’s executive class. Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of future Presidents, was the eight-time club champion on the golf course at the Round Hill Club, one of eight country clubs in Greenwich, Connecticut.


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