…Never again would I vote for a “pro-life” politician simply because they give lip service to being “pro-life.”


This was not the first time that so-called “pro-life” politicians have tried to erode the social programs that enable parents to care for their disabled or otherwise vulnerable children. Self-proclaimed “pro-life” Republicans are notorious for cutting funds for the services we special needs parents use to raise our children….


…Even if I agreed with criminalizing abortion (and I don’t), none of what Trump is promising would have done a thing for me during my pregnancy. Having a conservative judge on the Supreme Court or de-funding a local Planned Parenthood would not have emboldened me to carry my child to term. It would not have helped me pay for Henry’s medical care; it would not have done a thing to actually ensure Henry had the opportunities to live a full and productive life like he’s living now.

I’m Catholic and ‘Pro-Life.’ Here’s Why I Would Never Vote for Donald Trump.

My social media accounts are bleeding red. A practicing Catholic, I have many friends and acquaintances who are voting Republican this year, in order to secure at least one conservative Supreme Court judge, and possibly even overturn Roe v. Wade. A Donald Trump vote, they say, would save millions of babies from abortion.

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