For those of us who are still thinking that Nuclear Energy is a viable economically wise answer to our energy problem (I’ll admit that I’ve been one of them although I am starting to change my mind in that regard) we have news (via Richard Littlemore of that …

Nuclear Energy: Expensive, Dangerous, Not Cost-Effective

16 Aug 08 — Amory Lovins and Imran Sheikh have penned a new report on nuclear energy as a fossil fuel option, concluding that nuclear is still dangerous and complicated, not particularly reliable, creates a pollution problem that lasts for many millennia and is therefore a waste of money that could be spent more productively on renewable energy.

Perhaps most devastating to the free market fans, Lovins and Sheikh note that “nuclear power plants are unfinanceable in the private capital market because of their excessive costs and financial risks and the high uncertainty of both.”

“During the nuclear revival now allegedly underway, no new nuclear project on earth has been financed by private risk capital, chosen by an open decision process, nor bid into the world’s innumerable power markets and auctions. No old nuclear plant has been resold at a value consistent with a market case for building a new one.”

The hat tip here goes to Steve Milloy, Junk Scientist extraordinaire and unreconstructed PR guy, who pointed to the Lovins’ paper in a hyperventilating screed on the Fox News wire. Thanks Steve.

By the way for anyone who wasn’t already aware of it do you know all those google ads you see at the time where there is this guy who wants to debate Al Gore in regard to Global Warming Global Climate Disruption*** and more recently Canada’s David Suzuki? Well Richard Littlemore has accepted that challenge and wants to take on the British nobleman Christopher Walter, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley! Read all about it:Monckton vs. Littlemore: A Debate in the Waiting.

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