This is an excellent short brief article that illustrates the intrinsic latent racist stereotype that affects a broad swath of Americans despite their denial that got this fine young man shot dead by police 12 days ago.
This is what the Colin Kaepernick NFL player protest of taking a knee during the National Anthem is trying to call attention to and to say there is a better way to call attention to this with out spelling out what would be a better way that would reach so many people is convenient lie many of us tell ourselves along with the lie that we’re not infected by those same racist stereotypes.

Jonathan Ferrell Is Dead. Whistling Vivaldi Wouldn’t Have Saved Him.

Last week, Jonathan Ferrell, a former Florida A&M football player who recently moved to the Charlotte, N.C., area to be with his fiancée, had a horrible car crash. The 24-year-old broke out the back window to escape and walked, injured, to knock on the nearest door for help. Now, Ferrell is dead.

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