Watching the debate last night I thought the fight was close so we had to go to the judges for their decision and in a split decision we have to give it narrowly to Pence.

That said however thought that Kaine, HRC, and the Democrats would win the next few days when every thing that Kaine accused/quoted Trump of saying will be positively fact checked against video of Pence shaking his head in denial and it looks like that is exactly what’s happening…

Kaine lost the night but won the morning

It wasn’t pretty, but he got the job done. Tim Kaine’s performance in last night’s vice presidential debate was not always easy to watch. He interrupted the moderator and his opponent, Mike Pence, too often. His points were repetitive and occasionally came off as overly scripted.


Less than 12 Hours Post-Debate: Clinton Uses Pence’s Debate Words Against Him In Stunning New Ad – The Ring of Fire Network

While the consensus seems to be that Mike Pence may have actually won last night’s debate due to his calm, collected demeanor and general not-Trumpness, Hillary Clinton’s newest ad has really won the whole ballgame.

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