I have to wonder just what Newt Gingrich is really thinking . This is a guy I always managed to respect and admire even while i disagreed with him and his policies but with his over the top over reaction to the Sherry Sherod case, his over the top irrational response to the near ground zero Islamic mosque cultural center and now this naked "racial animus" (David Frum’s phrase) he’ jumped the shark and needs to be thrown in the same pile as some of the other irrational crazies and paranoid lunatics on the right such Michelle Bachman and worthless pandering players such as Sarah Palin.

Just what did Gingrich do? I’ll refer you to David Frum’s article: Gingrich: Obama Wants Whitey’s Money for an explanation of the depth of the absurdity of Gingrich (and D’Souza’s cover story in Forbes which Gingrich was affirming).

A couple of years ago here I published a short list of Conservatives I Like (but don’t necessarily agree with) and Therefore Listen To, Gingrich has managed to strike himself off that list.

For more on Gingrich and D’Souza you might also want to read:

I’m sure there will be more on this over the coming week or two.

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