After exploring Donald Trumps Problems With Reading this might be confirming evidence that he can’t or doesn’t read….

The White House List Focuses Heavily on Islamist Attacks on Westerners, and The Times Reported on Them

Though there have been many attacks in Kabul, the list mentions only one: a June 2016 bombing that killed Nepalese and Indian security contractors. The list describes the target as “a bus carrying Canadian Embassy guards,” which is correct but in keeping with the document’s emphasis on Western targets that is sometimes misleadingly narrow.

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Fact-check: Are terror attacks underreported by the media?

President Trump and his team have repeatedly said that the news media either ignores or pays less attention to terrorist incidents, prompting White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to release a list of past attacks. Judy Woodruff speaks with Philip Bump of The Washington Post to fact-check the accuracy of those claims, and to examine the possible strategy behind Spicer’s list.

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