I just happened to walk into the family room in my home earlier this evening where I caught the six o’clock edition of MSNBC’s Tucker. He had on the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Myron Ebell to talk about global warming and I just couldn’t believe the politicization of the global warming issue (and out right lies) I heard out of Ebells smug face and the weak tepid (or maybe it was just biased) journalism on the part of by Tucker Carlson.

One of the key things I see over and over again from the Global Warming Denial Crowd is that instead of talking about the issue in terms of the Science involved they almost always personalize and politicize it by making the whole issue about Al Gore.

Why not look forget about and ignore what Al Gore has to say and instead look at what they vast majority of climate scientists around the world think and say.

Which brings up my beef with Tucker Carlson’s journalism. This twit Myron Ebell in response to something Tucker has just said says:

"Al Gore has been looking for a world crisis his whole life that he can come through and save the world. He wants to be a super hero action figure and he’s been looking for an apocalyptic movement his entire life and so basically he makes this stuff up. There is no scientific support for most of his claims."

And then a little bit later he goes on to say again:

"…but he goes around as if there is scientific backing for what he says. There isn’t"

Geez Tucker you know that’s such absolute BS it’s an outright lie! Challenge him when he says that so you look like a journalist and not like one of their hacks pitching softballs! It no news to you or anyone else in the world that the vast majority of qualified climate scientists support the theory that Greenhouse Gases produced by man are helping to accelerate the rate of Global Warming.

Here’s a link to a Quicktime Movie of the interview I just made.

And it occurs to me that in listening to this twit Ebell talk too that his motivations are purely political. I guess the Competitive Enterprise Institute is terrified of the possibility of "wealth redistribution". He brings "wealth redistribution" up like that was the core motivation that got Al Gore involved with global warming. Yeah, this global warming thing is all a ruse or dodge to hide Gore’s real motivation which is global "wealth redistribution".

What I find interesting is during the whole time I’ve been following the development of the Accelerated Global Warming issue I’ve seen it as possibly a great new economic opportunity for U.S. business entrepreneurs. Using our science research powers and technology we could lead and provide the world with solutions to deal with global warming. Instead we’re just sitting back and letting the Japanese and I sure soon the Chinese take the lead in that business arena.

If a twit like Ebell gets his message through in the years ahead instead of selling our global warming solutions to China we’ll be buying them from them.

I’ll continue to take apart and examine Ebell and this interview in a future post.

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