Introduction to what is the #WalkAawy movement from the perspective of this one time Rockefeller Republican who walked away from the Republican party and joined the Democratic party in 2016….

In the spring of 2018 we learned about how a two-bit mostly out of work actor Brandon Straka…

Russian bots are back: #WalkAway attack on Democrats is a likely Kremlin operation |

Russian bots are back: #WalkAway attack on Democrats is a likely Kremlin operation

A little more than a year ago, I posted and pinned the following predictive tweet : “Get ready. A year from right now we’ll be up to our asses in Russian fake news, malware, hacks, mayhem aimed at the midterms. Pinning this.” Granted, it wasn’t a difficult forecast knowing what we knew at the time.

David Frum – is a Canadian-American political commentator. A speechwriter for President George W. Bush and currently a senior editor at The Atlantic magazine as well as an MSNBC contributor. In 2018, Frum has been critical of Donald Trump and has stated that he voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. On May 15, 2017, he called on Trump to resign. Frum published Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic, about the dangers posed by the Trump presidency to American democracy.

And some more I’ll detail soon…. 

Charlie Sykes

George Will 

Richard Haas

Jeff Flake

John McCain

Bret Stephens

Cheri Jacobus – 

Mona Charen – 

Iowa state Rep. Andy McKean

Kurt Bardella — My first year as a Democrat: I found my voice, embraced my identity

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David Jolly once served as the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 13th congressional district from 2014 to 2017
Mike Murphy is a Republican political consultant who at times advised Republicans including John McCain, Jeb Bush, John Engler, Tommy Thompson, Spencer Abraham, Christie Whitman, Lamar Alexander, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Murphy is a vocal Republican critic of current U.S. President Donald Trump.
Steve Schmidt – is an American communications and public affairs strategist best known for strategic roles on Republican political campaigns including those of George W. Bush, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and U.S. Senator John McCain. In June 2018, Schmidt renounced the Republican Party as “fully the party of Trump.”
Jennifer Rubin – is an American journalist who writes the “Right Turn” blog for The Washington Post. Rubin has been one of the most vocal conservative-leaning writers to frequently criticize the Presidency of Donald Trump, as well as the overall behavior of the Republican Party during Trump’s term in office. (Twitter)
Elise Jordan – (on Twitter) Was was a speechwriter for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and a campaign advisor to Rand Paul campaign. She is now a political analyst for MSNBC and contributor for Time magazine. In her January 15th 2018 Time magazine op-ed ms. Jordan wrote:

“I am a Republican in the era of Donald Trump, and I am emotionally depleted by the constant cruelty of the President of the United States. I’ve told myself repeatedly that I am done being shocked by a degenerate of such magnitude that I wouldn’t want to invite him to a family gathering for fear of what he might say in front of my mother…[link]

Bruce Bartlett – is an American historian whose area of expertise is supply-side economics. He served as a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and as a Treasury official under George H. W. Bush. He is a well known Trump critic on FaceBook and Twitter and has said famously that: “Trump is clearly the most incompetent president we’ve ever had” and “The Republican Party needs to die,”
David Evan McMullin is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations officer who ran as an independent during the 2016 United States presidential election. McMullin served as a chief policy director for the House Republican Conference in the U.S. House of Representatives and a senior adviser on national security issues for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. McMullin received support in his election bid from some members of the “Never Trump” movement and has emerged as a vocal critic of the Trump Administration. (on Twitter)
Max Boot –  Is a conservative is a Russian-born American author, consultant, editorialist, lecturer, and military historian. He worked as a foreign policy adviser to the McCain and Romney presidential campaigns. July 23rd 2018 he had published an Op-Ed entitled I worked to defeat Obama. I’d gladly take him back. 

How  I miss Barack Obama.

And I say that as someone who worked to defeat him: I was a foreign policy adviser to John McCain in 2008 and to Mitt Romney in 2012. I criticized Obama’s “lead from behind” foreign policy that resulted in a premature pullout from Iraq and a failure to stop the slaughter in Syria. I thought he was too weak on Iran and too tough on Israel. I feared that Obamacare would be too costly. I fumed that he was too professorial and too indecisive. I was left cold by his arrogance and his cult of personality. (link)

And this article is adapted from Max Boot’s new book, The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right.

Rick Wilson – Rick Wilson is a Republican political strategist and media consultant based in Florida who has produced televised political commercials for governors, U.S. Senate candidates, super PACs, and corporations…Wilson became well known during the 2016 United States presidential election for his denunciations of Donald Trump and supporters of Trump. (Twitter)
 Robert Kagan  Robert Kagan, author of the new book The Jungle Grows Back: America and Our Imperiled World is a is a neoconservative American historian and foreign-policy commentator. Kagan left the Republican Party in 2016 due to what he described as Donald Trump’s fascism.
Ashley Pratte – Ashley Pratte is a conservative columnist, conservative blogger, political commentary, political news and works today as a communications consultant in Washington, D.C. She wrote her taking a Never Trump stance in June of 2016 with: Being Never Trump Was Always the Right Call for US News & World Report (Twitter)
Tom Nichols — Tom Nichols is a professor at the U.S. Naval War College and at the Harvard Extension School. He is also a five-time undefeated Jeopardy! champion. A prominent Sovietologist, he is a senior contributor at The Federalist and the author of seven books. Wikipedia. In October of 2018 wrote his essay: Tom Nichols: Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party – The Atlantic
Richard PainterRichard Painter – Wikipedia was the chief ethics lawyer under George W. Bush and has announced he has left the Republican party and is running for the Senate in the state of Minnesota.

“We’ve had, for decades, a departure from the fundamental values of the Republican Party and of America.”


“I’ve been a Republican for 30 years. There’s no way that I would want to see the Republican Party stand up for covering up for Russian espionage and whoever in the United States has been helping the Russians. It’s going to be a disaster for the Republicans. It’s going to be a disaster for our country.”

Norman Ornstein — While conservative Norman Ornstein – (Wikipedia) resident scholar at the D.C. based conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) hasn’t gone so far as to declare himself no longer a Republican he is profoundly anti-Trump and has written on the state of American political division saying It’s Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism.

Norman Ornstein: “I’m at an age where I can be blunt. I think it’s been clear for some time, whether it is a clinical diagnosis or not, that Donald Trump is a 71 year old lifelong narcissistic sociopath. I would say as an aside it’s a reflection of our times, and not a very positive one, that Corker’s colleagues are not doing much to support him publicly. They’re basically putting the need for tax cuts for the rich ahead of the danger that he poses. I believe fundamentally that 95% of the Republicans in Congress, if they could snap their fingers and have Donald Trump simply disappear and make Mike Pence president without any adverse effects on them, they would do it in a nanosecond. But they are scared to death of that base. To go after Trump means that you are going to alienate a significant portion of your own party base. But it also means you are going to be taking on not just President Trump but the Mercers and other billionaires, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and the army of right wing tribal media who will stick with Trump and attack the others.” (What Happens After Trump? | Freak Out and Carry On)

Vox producer Carlos Maza looks at Norm Ornstein and how Republicans have broken the American political system…
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