Just the other week on FaceBook despite liking him personally I criticized Senator Charles Schummer for being a middle of the road neo-liberal republican-lite version of Democrat. He was too ‘namby-pamby‘ in my estimation. You know the kind of Democratic leader that lost the support of the working middle-class American that the Democrats had traditionally represented so well in the middle part of the last century.

Well, it appears he might be starting to sing a different tune now that he has taken the time to see just how needless and devastating the loss the past Novemberber was. I guess we will just have to wait and see how robust this new Democratic agenda is going to be so the mantra I find myself chanting now is “we’ll see,… we’ll see”.

Schumer: Democrats were ‘namby-pamby’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday promised a bolder economic message for the Democratic party, including the potential for single-payer health care. “We were too cautious, we were too namby-pamby,” Schumer said on ABC’s “This Week.”

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