Despite complaints with how last nights NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum was moderated by a limp ineffectual Matt Lauer I still think it was a good thing and should be an important part of future Presidential races.

But that said, SHOULDN’T WE ALSO HAVE A SCIENCE FORUM TOO.  Shouldn’t we have a forum where the leading scientist in their fields can ask the candidates questions about Climate Change, Zika, Ebola, Vaccination, Drought, Fracking, CO2 Emissions, Agriculture, GMOs, the Electrical Grid, Cancer, Autism, and Nuclear Power to name a few topics?

For years Shawn Otto has led the charge calling for a Science Debate ( but we still allow our candidates to skate by on what are perhaps the biggest most important long term issues.

Shouldn’t the candidates for president be debating the big science issues that are changing the economy, our health, and the planet? We think so. Join us.

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