According to RationalWiki…Steve Stefan Molyneux (born 1966)

…is a British Irish-Canadian political activist, amateur philosopher and Internet pundit. Since 2005, Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio,[2] a podcast where he discusses his philosophy, politics, religion, science, and relationships. He also writes regularly for anarcho-capitalist websites and has self-published several books.

Molyneux has a group of very ardent fans, even though he is only questionably an ancap at this point, and is hated by a large portion of them: he defends cops, is a “racial realist“, says weird red pill things about women, and is a hawk on Mid East relations. He presents a crank magnetismchimera of men’s rights crybaby, white rights crybaby and some sort of fedora-lover’s Glenn Beck[3](or a thinking man’s RooshV) who is known for mistreating his guests. He is allegedly a grown man but spent 42 minutes complaining about Beauty and the Beast. Really.

and that is where I first ran across him, on the internet in a Potholer54 video on Christopher Monckton Stefan Molyneux and Global Warming Denial.

My impression of Stefan Molyneux is pretty simple,.. he is just a narcissistic douche.

He’s written a book on debating called The Argument and Alexander Douglas a Lecturer in Philosophy, University of St. Andrews has written a brilliant review of the book…

The Art of the Ego: Review of Stefan Molyneux’s Stupid Book

Imagine that you have no discernible talents. You are not very intelligent. You are not particularly athletic. You are not good-looking. You can’t sing or dance well. Your jokes are basic and predictable. You read the newspapers and have political opinions, but, although you may not know it, you are part of the reason newspaper editors have to enforce the standard reading age of eight or under.

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