Ten Contradictions Theists Just Can’t Stop Making

Talking with theists about religion sometimes – and by sometimes I mean almost always – feels like Groundhog Day, a painful and monotonous slog that simply travels the same territory over and over and over. I get weary of both hearing and repeating the same arguments so frequently, so I decided to compile the most…

In short…

  1. Explaining what god is or wants, then saying humans cannot understand god.
  2. Claiming that god loves us all, then rationalizing human suffering.
  3. Pretending that free will and a divine plan are not mutually exclusive.
  4. Behaving hatefully, then saying “god bless.”
  5. Declaring god as the source of objective morality, then interpreting scripture.
  6. Labeling god as omnipotent, then blaming evil on the devil.
  7. Seizing upon minuscule inconsistencies in highly specialized scientific disciplines as a failure of science to explain the universe while accepting supernatural explanations for which there is no evidence.
  8. Subscribing to religion, then labeling the religious beliefs of others as “crazy.”
  9. Accusing atheists of cherry-picking scripture to make it look bad.
  10. Claiming membership in one of thousands of sects of religion as authority for telling non-believers why our interpretation of religion is wrong.
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