Geez how dangerously niave and unaware are these 9/12 Teabaggers?

Blogger Ron Britton was lamenting about the lack of time he has found blogging recently while he’s living in a hotel as his home is being remodeled and that he has had to resort to “stealing” content origionally created by other bloggers. Well I am going to “steal” this from Ron only I don’t think of it as stealing but instead I see it as helping to spread awareness.

From Ron Britton’s post Teabag Czar:

[…] This video is worth watching. It won’t actually teach you anything you don’t already know. We all know that most teabaggers are ignorant illiterate morons. Fortunately, they are a minority. (Unfortunately, a very loud minority.) If you can actually distance yourself from the fact that these people are trying to sabotage our country and destroy the only hope we have for trying to undo some of the damage of the last eight years, it’s actually a very funny video. It’s the American freak show. PT Barnum would have loved to put them all into his freak museum, next to the Cardiff Giant and Fiji Mermaid. So just sit back and enjoy Morons on Parade.

Concentrated stupidity at giant tea bagging ceremony in Washington

Thanks Ron, and thanks to vjack for helping bring this to all our attention.

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