Exclusive: CEO who just went toe-to-toe with Donald Trump says there was ‘no quid pro quo’ about Carrier

Joshua Roberts | Bloomberg | Getty Images Hayes stated that he received a phone call from Trump a week before Thanksgiving, with a request from the president-elect to reexamine the decision to close the Indianapolis Carrier factory. “He said, ‘We are going to do a lot of things in this country that are going to make it a lot more conducive to manufacturing.

Cramer Remix: What Trump’s crackdown on UTX means for the market

It was approximately one year ago that the stock market was fearfully hanging on every word uttered by the Federal Reserve. Cramer says the market has changed its tune. “Now we don’t even bother to listen to the Fed governors and presidents as they speak. Our new attitude?

The CEO of United Technologies just let slip an unintended consequence of the Trump-Carrier jobs deal

Greg Hayes, the CEO of United Technologies, the parent company of air-conditioner manufacturer Carrier, just let slip a consequence of a deal struck to keep jobs in Indiana. And American workers aren’t going to like it. Carrier said last month that it would keep more than 1,000 jobs across two locations in Indiana, following pressure from president-elect Donald Trump.

BREAKING: Carrier CEO Comes Forward – Says Trump Deal Not True (Interview)

United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes, who oversees the Carrier Corporation, has come forward in a new interview with CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer, saying that was no “quid pro quo” deal as Trump as previously suggested. He also seemed to suggest that because there’s no deal, the company is still liable to do whatever it wants.

‘He got up there and lied his a- off’: Carrier union leader on Trump’s big deal

The Secret Service agents told the Carrier workers to stay put, so Chuck Jones sat in the factory conference room for nearly three hours, waiting for president-elect Donald Trump. He’d grown used to this suspense. Seven months earlier, at a campaign rally in Indianapolis, Trump had pledged to save the plant’s jobs, most of which were slated to move to Mexico.

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