I just learned earlier today (via PZ’s Pharyngula Can we please just establish this one principle?) that the Wisconsin couple that let their daughter die in a diabetic coma

Thank God (the pun is very deliberately intended) their other children have been taken away from them for their own protection.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article (Parents charged in diabetes death) the father…

Dale Neumann told investigators that "given the same set of circumstances with another child, he would not waiver in his faith and confidence in the healing power of prayer," according to the interview statement.

Geez! "He would not waiver in his faith and confidence in the healing power of prayer," based on what? What kind of prior tremendous success has he had with prayer that outweighs its failure in protecting his daughter!

PZ makes a real great point in his blog article in pointing out that there is a possible catch in the state laws of Wisconsin that actually protects, neah it gives religious parents an exemption that allows them to murder their children if their actions are being done under the context of their religious belief.

Wisconsin law, Section 948.04 (6) states: "A person is NOT guilty of an offense under this section solely because he or she provides a child with treatment by spiritual means through prayer alone for healing…" Also in Section 448.04 (6) it states: "No law of this state regulating the practice of medicine and surgery may be construed to interfere with the practice of Christian Science. A person who elects Christian Science treatment in lieu of medical or surgical treatment for the cure of disease may not be compelled to submit to medical or surgical treatment." This section appears to refer to the application of Christian Healing as "Christian Science," since no reference is given to indicate it means a particular denomination such as the "Church of Scientology." And the writing of any law to protect only one denomination would violate the equal protection guaranteed under the constitution by protecting one sect over another.

That’s bloody sickening.

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