Most of the time changing someone minds is a fruitless waste of time but that is often because we actually have no idea of how to approach it correctly. We often think that if we can ‘win the argument’ they’ll be convinced and change their minds when in actually they become more entrenched in their beliefs than ever. But there is a way to change people’s minds…

“…Persuasion is always about building agreement using the other person’s point of view, not simply insisting on what we think. If you ask a question that interests them, they’re immediately engaged. With their answer as the foundation of your followup, you’ve got a real chance at changing a mind.”

The Art of Persuasion: Dan Pink on Motivational Interviewing

It’s not quite a trick, but it sure works: Asking the right questions. Questions can be the difference between stating what you think someone should think or letting them come up their own good reasons for doing so.

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