Just found this video in my YouTube suggestions tonight which I thought was sort of strange. I first saw it and liked it all the way back in May of 2012 and watching it again tonight I still like it. It a nice short film about this fellows experience of being and Atheist.

The first few sentences are oh so true for this atheist too…

“Recently, I’ve been wrestling with the perplexing realization that since leaving the Christian faith, I see the planet around me and the vast universe in which it moves with a far greater sense of awe and majesty than I ever perceived it as a believer. I took an informal poll of friends whose life-trajectories matched my own, and found that every one of them felt exactly the same way. For myself, and for many of the deconverted, the awe we feel now, having left the faith, is far greater, far more wondrous, far more intoxicating and euphoric than anything we ever felt as believers. But why?….”

I don’t think I ever became an Atheist. It was more like one day I just discovered I was an Atheist. What a sublime wondrous beautiful feeling.

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