I recall back in November of 2005 how thrilled I was to read: It’s Over in Dover. I was thinking science, logic, and reason had won a great significant victory in the battle to really educate young Americans with the truth but found myself still wondering if that was really the victory I thought it was.

The fight goes on it seems, it’s just the battlefield has changed and moved. Tragically there’s sad news, the World’s first creationist museum opens in Kentucky (Tuesday May 29, 2007 Guardian Unlimited)

I recently read that 55% of all Americans believe that God created humans in our present form and there was no such thing as evolution and I was shocked. Could our nation be that backwards? For me to hear that it’s it only marginally better than hearing that 55% of all Americans believe that Santa Claus and/or the Easter Bunny are real.

Perhaps the only thing that shocks me even more was the news I also learned last week that right along with the crap they are spreading out of this garbage pit in Kentucky Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University biology department teaches that there we’re probably dinosaurs on the ark. (Were there dinosaurs on board the ark?).

I mean come on! Am I sleeping and this is really just some kind of terrible nightmare? Have Americans really lost their minds? This is really a national tragedy as far as science goes and we all should be embarrassed to sand in front of the rest of the world thinking like this.

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