Aron Ra did a good take-down of one of Prager U’s videos

RationalWiki on Dennis Prager and his Prager U:

Prager “University” actually presents history and politics from a hard-right point of view. This includes rampant New Dealdenialism, promotion of the Laffer curve, Europhobia, and an off the walls weird interpretation of liberalism.[43] The channel also promotes zionist pro-Israeli politics, claiming the IDF to be the “World’s Most Moral Army”,[44], and promotes fossil fuels as being “the greenest energy”.[45][46] It has called wealth income inequality “good”.[47] In a multitude of ill-informed videos, it furthermore espouses Climate change denialism[48][49], militarism[50] and American exceptionalism,[51][52] and probably many more nutty reactionary beliefs.

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