There is a significant number of Trump followers and supporters that actually follow and believe in this madman’s hysterics and babbling and those are people I think we are entirely justified in describing as a “basketful of deplorables”. Trump has appeared alongside the lunatic Alex Jones on his InfoWars program, praising the nutjob radio conspiracy theorist’s “amazing” reputation.

Jones’ latest? His website InfoWars has a contest running

…offering payouts to anyone who can do one of the following while on local or national television:
a) $1k for visual: Wear Infowars “Bill Clinton Rape” shirt on television for at least 5 seconds
b) $5k for visual/audio: Anyone who can be vocally heard saying “Bill Clinton is a rapist” while wearing the shirt or displaying similar imagery.

Yes they’re paying people who can be heard on TV yelling that accusation while wearing their “rapist” shirt.

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