The Scout vs.Soldier Mindset (Motivated Reasoning)

I’ve wanted to write my own article here about what Julia Galef has written and spoken about the Scout vs.Soldier Mindset but I can’t do much better than this article here:

Why do some of us have better judgement than others?

Julia Galef is the president and co-founder of a nonprofit called The Center for Applied Rationality based in Berkeley, California. In a TEDx talk, she explains what causes some of us to act with good judgement and some not. She says we can have either of two mindsets which she calls: Soldier and scout mindset.

And this is a good interesting article too…

Overconfidence and the scout mindset

“The presence of the Dunning-Kruger effect, as it’s been come to be called, is that one should pause to worry about one’s own certainty, not the certainty of others.” – David Dunning, ArsTechnica The election last night of Donald Trump has unleashed a wave of second-guessing on the part of the media and Clinton supporters alike.

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