I’m am trying to sort out for myself the state of the Republican party today and while it is always dangerous and to a degree unfair to lump people into archetypal categories it becomes something of a necessity when you talk about any large group of people coalesced around a cause or in support of a person or candidate.

I think I am with Chris Moody the CNN correspondent with the categories he describes in his July 20th, 2016 article Three types of Republicans at the RNC.

  1. All-in for Trump
  2. #NeverTrump until the end
  3. Settling for Trump, maybe

But there are certainly more subgroups and ideological divisions within the Republican Party as decibed in the Factions in the Republican Party (United States) – Wikipedia article.

Some of the miscellaneous articles on this topic I am collecting and reading:

  1. The GOP Explained – The Three Types of Republicans
  2. The Eight Different Types Of Republicans, And How To Recognize Them | If You Only News
  3. 2016: The Four GOP Voters – POLITICO Magazine
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