A guy (Donald Trump) who doesn’t have or ever use a computer offers his so-called common sense opinion that there is no way the FBI could search through 650,000 emails while so many computer data experts at almost the same time wonder what took them so long.

Trump Says It’s Impossible to Search 650,000 Emails in Eight Days. He’s Wrong.

Let’s say you’re convinced Hillary Clinton is a crook, and that she must have been hiding something incriminating on that private email server of hers. FBI Director James Comey’s vague announcement on Oct. 28 that the bureau was reviewing a new batch of Clinton emails must have come as a relief and a validation.

Yes, Donald Trump, the FBI Can Vet 650,000 Emails in Eight Days

FBI director James Comey has had a rough week or so: First he was accused of rigging the election for Donald Trump when he revealed on October 28 that the FBI was investigating new emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and now he’s accused of rigging it against Trump by revealing today that none of those new emails contained anything that would result in criminal charges.

Edward Snowden Kills Team Trump’s New Conspiracy Theory By Explaining How The FBI Can Quickly Comb Through Email

On Sunday, FBI Director James Comey declared for the second time that Hillary Clinton committed no crimes regarding her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

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