White Trump Supporter EXPLODES In Store After Black Employees Offer Her A Bag (VIDEO)

A Trump-loving white shopper had a racist meltdown of #babyTrump proportions last week, all because she was asked to purchase a $1 reusable bag to make carrying all her items easier. The woman had been shopping at arts and crafts store Michael’s in Chicago on Thanksgiving Eve, when the offer to buy the bag apparently put her over the edge.

I find it particularly interesting that on seeing this one of my “white racist friends” on FaceBook wrote:

J.C. :She is s real Piece of Shit but how come everyone is not saying the same thing about black people complaining racism when it’s clearly not racism ??

There are MANY videos of black people doing the same Vile thing she is !!

And therein lies the problem we all face…

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