To the very best of my recollection, I have unfriended just one person for vulgar and racist ranting in a discussion on my timeline even after I asked him to stop.

On the other hand, I have been un-friended 3 people for my science-based positions when I wrote about why I disagreed pseudoscientific posting.

And I have also been unfriended by approximately 4 maybe 5 people for my politics but then again one of those people in particular who unfriended me because of politics it was in just debating him here on FaceBook I gained at least 11 or 12 new FB friends I would have never otherwise ever known so, on the whole, it’s been a positive experience for me thinking and speaking out loud.

When should you unfriend someone on Facebook?

The nature and ethics of “fake news” has become a subject of widespread concern. But, for many of us, the issue is much more personal: What are we to do when a cranky uncle or an otherwise pleasant old friend persists in populating our news feeds with a stream of posts that can run deeply contrary to our own values?

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