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  • Kolskaya Oil Rig Sinking Sparks Doubt Over Arctic Plan

    The sinking of a floating oil rig that left more than 50 crew dead or missing is intensifying fears that Russian companies searching for oil in remote areas are unprepared for emergencies – and could cause a disastrous spill in the pristine waters of the Arctic.

    Only four months ago, Russian energy giant Gazprom sent Russia’s first oil platform to the environmentally sensitive region, and industry experts and environmentalists warned it is unfit for the harsh conditions and is too far from rescue crews to be reached quickly in case of an accident. They are demanding Russia put Arctic oil projects on hold.


Climate & Climate Politics

Christopher Hitchens

Climate & Climate Politics

  • This one from the really stupid, whoop-dee-doo, no big deal, much-ado-about-nothing category: Lead global warming author quits IPCC project « Don Surber

    The UN’s global warming unit, IPCC, is so discredited that “it is not clear how much additional benefit there is to having a huge bureaucratic scientific review effort under UN auspices” said Ken Caldeira in announcing that he is resigning as one of its leading authors on the next IPCC report.

    The previous one won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

    Outside of a few skeptical bloggers, you will not see this story anywhere else.

    If anyone doubts there is a bias in the media for the bright and shiny object called Global Warming (aka Climate Change, Climate Disruption and Global Cooling) which of these headline is not like the others:

    Shocker – Ken Caldeira resigns as IPCC AR5 lead author.

    Warmist Ken Caldeira resigns as IPCC lead author, says “it is not clear how much additional benefit there is to having a huge bureaucratic scientific review effort under UN auspices”.

    New Directions for the Intergovernmental Climate Panel.

    Now I will grant you that the first two headlines are by skeptics, Anthony Watts and Tom Nelson, respectively. But the third one is by Andrew Revkin of the New York Times. Shouldn’t journalists be skeptical? Isn’t Doubting Thomas the reporter’s role model?

    This is the pseudo skeptic climate change denier ploy to make a big deal out of nothing as part of their propaganda and disinformation program to try and sow doubt amongst the general public. Anthony Watts calls this a shocker? Why? Why is this a big deal? Its not. It’s nothing. Calderia in his statement about why he’s moving on said:

    my resignation was a vote of confidence in my scientific peers, not a critique. It is just not clear to me that, at this point, working on IPCC chapters is the most effective use of my time.

    I can not say specially with any kind of authority but it sounds to me like Calderia might feel he wants to devote his time to research rather than the administrative politics of writing and editing IPCC reports. I once resigned from the board of a community theatre group I was a part of because I felt my time was better spent designing and building scenery and lighting.

    No Big Deal. These pseudo skeptic deniers are on a fishing expedition. Anthony Watts really needs to get a life. Shocker indeed.

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