• GINGRICH AND NOLAN: Criminal justice reform saving states billions – Washington Times (the emphasis is mine)

    …Conservative governors and legislators are now demanding the same fiscal accountability from prisons that they expect from other departments. The results have been outstanding. In recent years, several states have made remarkable progress in cutting prison costs, saving literally billions without compromising public safety. These conservative state leaders are working side by side with liberals to hold offenders accountable, cut crime and contain costs. This is a striking change from previous years when conservatives usually gave corrections departments a blank check.

    Conservatives also have concluded that we are locking up a lot of people who don’t pose a danger to society. Prisons are for people we are afraid of, but we have been filling them with people we’re just mad at. There are better ways than prison to hold low-risk offenders accountable, programs that are more effective — and a lot cheaper.

  • Daily Kos: Chris Van Hollen schools Fox anchor in ‘fiscal cliff’ interview

    Fox anchor Gregg Jarrett tries his best to trap Democratic Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen in this “fiscal cliff” interview, but winds up having the tables turned around on him:

    After a few minutes, Jarrett seemed to realize that he was the one getting owned, ending the interview by telling Van Hollen that he was “out of time” and abruptly cutting to a commercial break. Moral of the story: if they can’t even make the case for the GOP on RNC TV, it’s time for Republicans to change.

  • 12 memorable political quotes of 2012 | Strange Bedfellows — Politics News – seattlepi.com

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