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  • Al Gore: I Drank Nate Silver’s Kool-Aid [VIDEO]

    Things have gotten a little too dirty for Al Gore’s liking.

    The former vice president is currently in the midst of a 24 hour live streamed Internet event, Climate Reality, hoping to clean things up. He and other environmental advocates are using the forum to educate the world on the dangers of global warming, and help people see that “dirty energy causes dirty weather.”

    Gore is no stranger to discussing environmental issues, but in years past, his message has fallen on somewhat deaf ears. But now, Gore says he has a few new things on his side — Nate Silver, Hurricane Sandy, social media and most of all, reality.

    Gore sat down with Mashable‘s CEO Pete Cashmore to explain why now is the crucial tipping point to bring concerns about the environment to the forefront. He has hopes of tapping into the power of big data and social media to make his point not only heard, but accepted, and disseminated.

    Political analyst Nate Silver’s 2012 election predictions — based solely on number crunching — rattled the punditry field, sparking controversy and concern. When President Barack Obama took the vote, and Silver’s projections proved true, several claimed it a win for data devotees everywhere. One of those data worshippers was Gore.



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