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    The moral and ethical trainwreck that is Newton Three-wives Gingrich took to the podium this week and let us lefties have it over our stubborn unwillingness to accept modern science and the spirit of discovery. I kid you not.

    (RightWingWatch) — The Left has believed for at least forty years now in a concept called Peak Oil that says ‘gee, we’re about to run out.” Well, it turns out that our reserves in the US, because of new technology, which is something that the Left rejects – they don’t believe the Wright Brothers invented flying, they don’t believe Edison invented electric light, and they don’t believe we’re about to invent the next generation of interesting things.


    …And does Gingrich even know what Peak Oil means, that it’s a tried and true empirical data set based on simple facts of petrology and extraction techniques, or that it’s used by reservoir managers all over the world to maximize yield and profit margin? Because the way Newt used that term, it sounds like the good Professor may have confused Peak Oil with oil depletion.

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