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  • It’s the Christmas Hoiday weekend,… I should in all right be sleeping in but the aspiring wonk in me has taken over I’ve developed this compulsion to get up early on Saturdays & Sundays to watch Up with Chris Hayes.
    • Inside Up With Chris Hayes: The Best (And Worst) Part Of Waking Up Weekends | Mediaite

      It’s fast becoming the worst-kept secret in cable news that Chris Hayes is ruining people’s weekends. The editor-at-large of The Nation, formerRachel Maddow fill-in, and (for the past few weeks) proud papa of daughter Ryan hosts a political roundtable which, true to its title, forces a growing number of people to get Up With Chris Hayes. The show combines the fun, accessibility, and sleep-interrupting qualities of a Saturday morning cartoon with the smarts and savvy of a crackling wonk dinner party. To atone for waking us up every weekend, Chris Hayes agreed to give us a look inside Up.


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