Okay, one of the last things I read last night before turning in was a Brad Delong post (Brad DeLong: Falsely Smearing Erica Groshen as a Communist?) that read:

Whatever will the Republican slime machine think of next?

I don’t think America needs to be rescued from this Republican Party. I think America need to be rescued from any attainable Republican Party. They are so done…

He sounds ticked but I had no idea of what he was talking about so this morning I googled first Erica Groshen to find out who she is to find out she is the Director of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (AllGov – News – Director of the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Who Is Erica Groshen?) I didn’t see anything about her being  a communist so I added ‘communist‘ to the google search string to find that what Brad Delong is very rightly griping about is a McCarthyist attack piece the noted bastion of journalistic ethics The Daily Caller published: Obama labor agency nominee sent her kids to Communist-rooted summer camp | The Daily Caller.


The Alantic reports on the Daily Caller Piece Some Good Old-Fashioned Red-Baiting – Jeffrey Goldberg – The Atlantic.

While I am certainly not as learned as Brad Delong I whole heartedly concur with his outrage and opinion on this one regarding the tactics and morality of todays Republican party.

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