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  • Richard Grenell « The Reality-Based Community (the emphasis is mine)

    …was recruited to the Romney campaign as an expert in national security – this means Romney’s team thought he was the best person for the job (did I mention, the job is national security?) – and has plausible credentials in the field.  Mitt Romney let his gay-bashers run him out of town without a peep, so we have another data point on Romney’s character: not only is he OK with anti-gay prejudice, and not only won’t he stand up for his people (the morale meter at Romneyville must be bouncing on the zero peg), but he is willing to sacrifice national security to please a bunch of ignorant bigots.  What a guy; spineless, bigoted and treasonous.

    If he’s afraid of a piece of garbage like Brian Fischer, it doesn’t bode well for his dealings with any foreign leader who can say “boo” in English.

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