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    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has tried to laugh off his embarrassing prime-time memory lapse during the Republican debate in Michigan but the lasting impact of the gaffe may lie in the fact that it re-emphasized an old stereotype about Perry: He’s just not that bright.

    Perry’s now infamous inability Wednesday night to list the third of three government agencies he would eliminate if he was president was the latest in a series of lackluster debates in his run for the White House.

    “The problem is if this gaffe reinforces the unfair-but-increasing belief that he doesn’t have the intellectual heft,” said Fred Malek, a veteran Republican fundraiser…

    I don’t think it is unfair at all. I don’t think is that bright at all. He didn’t come up with this three “three government agencies he would eliminate” pitch. It wasn’t his original thinking or idea it was created by his team of handlers and he couldn’t remember what his lines were that they went over in rehearsal. If it was his thinking, his idea, he never would have drawn a blank on such a big important concept.

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