On Guns

  • NRA Heckles Father of Sandy Hook Shooting Victim | Crooks and Liars

    …There is no low too low for these wingnuts, and no position too irrational. I really think they’d push for personal ownership of tanks and RPGs if they could, under the guise of the right to bear arms.

    Screw them. I’ve had it with their supposition that they own all the emotion and “right thought” on this argument. As an adolescent, my family was ripped apart by two bullets from a gun. It wasn’t an AR-15, and it wouldn’t fall under the gun ban today, but my family member is just as dead and for no good reason other than being available for a whacko to execute.

    Until these “gun enthusiasts” have had the singular pleasure of cleaning dried, congealed blood and brains out of the trunk of a car, or until they’ve gone and gathered the bodies of someone’s loved ones from a public crime scene where some idiot exercising his “rights” decided to exercise them on the heads of the innocent, they can shut up about their emotion-laden fantasies of revolution and sit the hell down….

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