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  • Consensus on Climate Grows Even Stronger | Climate Denial Crock of the Week

    Above, Oklahoma farmer Clay Pope, breaks the stereotype – an Oklahoma farmer pleads with the President to recognize climate change. (this was recorded before the State of the Union address)

    Anthony Leiserowitz’ “6 Americas” study on climate change awareness has become the benchmark for monitoring changes in public opinion on climate issues. There is now a new update, which tells us what some observers already suspected – climate change skepticism topped out a few years ago, and understanding of the threat is on the rise.
    In this model, the populace is divided into 6 groups based on level of engagement and awareness of the climate issue.

    The category that Yale Pollsters call “Dismissive” on climate change has now shrunk  to 8 percent of the population. That would be made up almost entirely of AM talk show hosts and republican congressmen.  The segment that they refer to as “alarmed” has increased to a way too low 16 percent, but moving in the right direction….(Read the complete article…)

  • Measuring Temps – No Thermometers | Climate Denial Crock of the Week

    A perennial climate denial crock is that there is something wrong with the temperature records of the last century, because evil scientists are not taking into account placement of thermometers, urban heat islands, etc.

    New research has re-created the record entirely with “proxy” data – evidence from natural systems which are affected by temperature – that, again, confirms the thermometers. The video above is a good proxy primer. (read the complete article…)

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