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  • Those other Christians are such a disfrace.

    In an early post I pointed out that when you hear a conservative start spamming the word “truth”, you need to be prepared for a pretty impressive pile of wrong.  Here’s a comment from TruthOne on my post about a North Carolina church refusing to do weddings until gays are allowed to marry.

    Tris is a disfrace To Christian testimony. The Church is calles To be Holy not perverted in low-life animal perversión sexual life. This goes against everything the Bible teaches.

    Hrm, you have a point.  Can you send a memo to god that he needs to come down here and clear this up?  Because a lot of Christians, who want to abide by his will, are bickering about what his will actually is.

    Or, even better, he could have designed human beings without the tendency to arrive at their own moral conclusions and then ascribe them to god…(read the complete article…)

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